16A Crown Spring connector Pins
  • 16A Crown Spring connector Pins16A Crown Spring connector Pins
  • 16A Crown Spring connector Pins16A Crown Spring connector Pins
  • 16A Crown Spring connector Pins16A Crown Spring connector Pins

16A Crown Spring connector Pins

INT METAL factory is a leading China 16A Crown Spring connector Pins manufacturers. 16A Crown Spring Pins for car Connectors


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Product Description


As a leading manufacturer of electrical connectors, we take pride in our 12 years of experience in delivering high-quality products to clients across Europe, America, and Asia. With our professional design ability and strict adherence to customer needs, we have been able to meet the diverse requirements of various industries, from automotive and aerospace to medical and energy.

1.Features of 16A Crown Spring Connector Pins 

First and foremost, the 16A Crown Spring connector pin is known for its robust design. Made from high-grade materials, it can withstand high temperatures, corrosion, and mechanical stress without losing its electrical properties. The crown spring mechanism ensures a tight and secure connection between the pins, reducing the risk of signal loss and interference.

2.   European 6.0 AC charging pins, 16A and 32A crown spring pins.

Functions of 16A Crown Spring Connector Pins 

The primary function of the 16A Crown Spring connector pin is to transmit electrical signals efficiently and reliably. Whether it is for power supply, data transfer, or control purposes, this connector can deliver consistent performance over a long period of time. Moreover, the 16A Crown Spring connector pin can handle high currents and voltages, making it suitable for demanding environments where stability and safety are critical. It can also resist electromagnetic interference and noise, ensuring clear and accurate communications in noisy or crowded settings.

4. Applications of 16A Crown Spring Connector Pins

 Given its robustness and versatility, the 16A Crown Spring connector pin can be used in various industries and applications. Some of the typical scenarios where this connector can shine are: - Energy: for renewable energy systems, energy storage, and grid infrastructure.

Packing for 32A Crown Spring Pins

5. Packing of 16A Crown Spring Connector Pins

6. Questions and Answers
a1. Do you have an ISO certificate?
Yes, we have obtained ISO9001

a2. How long is the delivery time for  Copper Crown Spring Plug Connector Male and Female Pin?
1) For samples, the time is about 3-5 days.
2) For large orders, the time is about 15-25 days or negotiation time.
3) If it is an OEM product, it needs to make a mold, the delivery time is about 25-35 days, and the specific delivery time needs to be communicated.
The time you receive the goods is subject to the specific logistics and transportation

a3. Do you manufacture parts according to our design?
    Yes, we always do it according to the customer's drawings or technical documents.

a4. How do you control the quality?
We strictly follow the customer's drawings and requirements for production, each process has a strict control plan, complete inspection of each part, and strive to provide customers with 100% high-quality products, and provide ROHS/SGS inspection reports and material certification.

a5. Do you provide samples? Free or charge?
Yes, if there are samples in stock, it is free, if not, some manufacturing costs need to be charged. But the freight needs to be provided by our valued customers.

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