Contact Rivets

Contact Rivets are mainly used in all kinds of the switch, controller, voltage regulator, circuit breaker, automotive electrical, magnetic starter, and so on.
Normally suit for the electric current which below 100A,  AgNi10 is commonly used to the AC contactor below 20A,  Agni (15 ~ 40) is able to bear a larger electric load.
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  • Silver electrical contacts refer to the electronic appliances when opening and closing, separation and mutual contact of intersections, because the metal conductor terminals at the instant of the contact prone to moments of fever and spark, prompting them to contact point in the process of using multiple frequency, prone to oxidation and electrolysis, so will increasing the thickness of the contact point, or manufactured polymer metal (copper and multiple) with different material, so will called silver contact.

  • Silver cadmium electrical contact(AgCdO) has high fusion welding resistance, electric wear resistance and low contact resistance.In some specific fields, so far, no other material can be replaced. Increase Cadmium oxide content can improve the material fusion welding resistance, but will increase the contact resistance and the temperature rise, meanwhile reduce the material of plasticity.

  • The moving contact rivets control the power directly or indirectly, switching electrical power through arelayor the supply ofnatural gasorfuel oilthrough an electrically operated valve.

  • Silver Tungsten Electrical Contact widely used in high-temperature resistant materials, electrical alloys for high-voltage switches, electro-processed electrodes, and microelectronic materials. As parts and components, they are widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, power, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and other industries etc.

  • Silver Zinc Electrical Contact( AgZnO ) is non-toxic and environmental protection, has good anti fusion welding and electric abrasion resistance, short arc time, breaking characteristics performance is high, strong ability to sustain large electrical current shock.

  • Silver tin oxide electrical contact( AgSnO2 ) is environmental protection and non-toxic, with excellent anti fusion welding and arc ablation resistance performance. In general speaking, under the condition of larger current, AgSnO2 has better ability of arc ablation resistance than AgCdO, and under the lamp or capacitive load, AgSnO2 showed a stronger ability to resist current shock than AgCdO, AgNi.

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