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  • Characteristics and Application for Silver contacts. Due to the metal conductor terminals in contact with the moment is easy to produce instantaneous heat and sparks,


  • Brass strip, a material with significant applications in many fields such as machinery, electronics and aviation, is unique in its excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Its manufacturing process covers many precise links to ensure its high quality and excellent performance.


  • Transformer copper wire is red copper, also known as electrical copper. The windings of the transformer are all made of red copper. According to national standards, the purity of copper for electrical purposes must be above 99.5%. The copper wire and copper profiles used for transformer coils belong to electrical copper, so brass transformers are generally used on low-power transformers and are considered illegal and unqualified products.


  • Nickel silver C75700, also known as CuNi12Zn24, is a type of alloy that is composed of copper, nickel, and zinc.


  • Silver rivets made of pure silver or silver alloy are often used in relay switches


  • Characteristics and uses of white copper( Nickel silver) white copper , also called Nickel silver, is an important variety of white copper.


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