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What copper is the transformer copper wire made of?


Transformer copper wire is red copper, also known as electrical copper. The windings of the transformer are all made of red copper. According to national standards, the purity of copper for electrical purposes must be above 99.5%. The copper wire and copper profiles used for transformer coils belong to electrical copper, so brass transformers are generally used on low-power transformers and are considered illegal and unqualified products. Transformers generally have two major losses: copper loss and iron loss. These are the two major enemies of transformers. If brass is used as the coil of a transformer, it is equivalent to artificially increasing copper loss and reducing the power factor of the transformer, which is very harmful.

 C1100 Transformer Copper Strip

The windings of transformers are all made of red copper, which is close to pure copper, in order to achieve maximum conductivity and minimum resistance, thus minimizing losses. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc with high resistance, but due to its high strength, it is commonly used as a bolt for insulators on transformers. Not used as a wire.