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Rolled copper foil

1. Production process of rolled copper foil:
Ingredients—melting—composition control—semi-continuous casting/horizontal continuous casting—hot rolling/cold rolled blank—milled face—trimming—annealing—cleaning—medium rolling—annealing—finishing rolling—annealing—cleaning passivation—slitting, Inspection, packaging
2. Features of rolled copper foil
The size range of rolled copper foil is 0.05-0.010mm (thickness)×40-600mm (width), supplied in rolls, the length should not be less than 5000mm. Its state has soft state and hard state, generally hard state. It is characterized by dense tissue, uniform performance, high surface finish and good tolerance, but the minimum thickness and width are limited.

3. Use of rolled copper foil
Rolled copper foil can be divided into oxygen-free copper foil, oxygen-free copper foil and red copper foil for electron tubes according to chemical composition, corrosion-resistant alloy copper foil with added trace elements and heat-resistant alloy copper foil. Pure copper foil is mainly used for flexible printed circuit boards, cardboard circuit printed boards, electromagnetic shielding tapes, composite flat cables, windings and layer electrodes of lithium batteries. Corrosion-resistant alloy copper foil and heat-resistant alloy copper foil are mostly used for radiators, gaskets, brake pads, etc. With the miniaturization of electronic and electrical components, the use of copper and copper alloy foils will become more and more widespread.