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How to deal with Silver Contacts

2020-08-17 Author:Jiangyan Source:Original

How to deal with Silver Contacts

1. The silver contact riveting processing workshop should be dust-free to prevent foreign matter such as dust from adhering to the contact surface during the processing.

2. Pay attention to the surrounding environment of the processing site, and place the organic plastic materials separately from the contact components to prevent organic matter from adhering to the surface of the silver contacts and causing contact obstacles.

3. Personnel performing riveting processing must wear finger cots before working. Try not to touch the surface of the contact silver layer to avoid oxidation (blackening).

4. The suitable environment temperature of the silver contact processing workshop is 22 ~ 24, and the relative humidity is 40 ~ 55%RH.

5. In order to avoid vulcanization (yellowing) of the silver contacts, the silver contacts that have been opened and sealed should be used up within 12 hours as much as possible. If they are not used up, please seal the remaining contacts again (it is best to be vacuum packed) ).

The silver contacts designed and produced by our company have the characteristics of high dimensional precision, high bonding strength, easy control of contact hardness, and good electrical conductivity. 

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