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Solid and hollow rivets

2020-09-29 Author:Jiangyan Source:Original

Solid and hollow rivets

Solid rivets are a relatively practical link material. We know that there are many types of rivets. Our common ones are solid rivets, hollow rivets, and semi-hollow rivets.

Let's take a look at solid rivets and hollow rivets.

Solid rivets: When this rivet is made, the materials used are generally aluminum, copper, brass, iron, stainless steel, etc. Materials that use solid rivets for riveting are rigid and cannot be disassembled.

Hollow rivet: The material of hollow rivet is similar to that of solid rivet, but it needs to be riveted with a rivet machine when riveting. Its light weight and weak nail head are used for non-metals with small load Riveting.

Regardless of whether it is a solid rivet or a hollow rivet, the materials are similar, mainly because the method used is different and the situation after riveting is different. Because these two kinds of rivets are widely used, some basic information about them still needs to be understood.

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