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Difference of zinc plating, nickel plating and chrome plating

2020-11-14 Author:Jiangyan Source:Original

The function and difference of zinc plating, nickel plating and chrome plating

There are various surface treatment methods for rivets, among which zinc plating, nickel plating, and zinc plating are the main surface treatment methods.

The effects of different surface treatments are also different. Many people don’t know which surface treatment the rivets need for their products, so they choose a surface treatment method randomly, and the effect after such treatment is not only unmatched in color, but also used The effect is not satisfactory.

So what is the difference between zinc plating, nickel plating and chromium plating? What are their respective functions? How to choose a suitable surface treatment method for your products? We, INT METAL Products Co., Ltd., come to help you:

1. Different color:

1. Different appearance colors:

A, the appearance of galvanized is silver white.

B, the appearance of nickel plating is silvery white to yellow.

C, chrome plated, the appearance is bright white and slightly blue.

2. Different features:

A. The cost of galvanizing is low, the corrosion resistance is general, and the color is silver white.

B. Nickel plating is beautiful, can be used for decoration, the price is high, the process is slightly complicated, and the color is silvery white and slightly yellow.

C. There are two types of chromium plating. The former is for decorative purposes, with bright appearance and good friction resistance, and is not as good as galvanized. The latter is to increase the hardness and wear resistance of metal parts. This is the functionality of the parts. .

3. Different uses:

A. Galvanizing is used in screwdrivers, circuit breakers, industrial supplies, etc.

B. Nickel plating is used in energy-saving lamp caps, coins, etc.

C. Chrome plating is used in bright decorations of home appliances, electronics and other products, faucets, etc.

4. Different functions:

A. Because zinc is not easy to oxidize in dry air, a dense zinc carbonate film can be formed on the surface in humid air, which can effectively protect the interior from corrosion. This plating method is particularly suitable for various strong acids, alkali mists and other strong corrosive environments.

B. The hardness of the nickel coating is relatively high, which can improve the wear resistance of the product surface. Nickel plating is commonly used in the printing industry to improve the hardness of the lead surface.

C, the chrome coating is thin, bright and beautiful. It is usually used as the outermost layer of multilayer electroplating.